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Massages and relaxation


In an environment conducive to relaxation and letting go, perhaps in combination with a visit to the SPA, we offer various treatments adapted to your needs and desires: well-being massages, Thai massage, Korean relaxation or energy treatment.

Deep massage, with hot oil, combines several methods of massage (Californian, lomi, tuina...) for deep relaxation.

Traditional Thai massage (Nuad Bo'Rarn), also called passive yoga, is a subtle mix of pressure and stretching, to give the body flexibility and relaxation

Cupping massage, ideal for lower back pain (among other things), allows the energies to circulate again to release tension

Swedish massage, more rhythmic between kneading and percussion, is often better known in the sports world

Harmonic massage, with oil, with slow and increasingly ample movements, allows to dissolve progressively all the tensions and to harmonize the body and the spirit (futon on the ground)

Energy treatment reconnects to one's vital energy and gets it flowing again. It acts in depth and with subtlety on pain and suffering

Korean relaxation, which is performed while dressed on a futon on the floor, is a harmonious succession of vibrations, stretching, letting go of the limbs, alternating times of 'doing' and 'not doing', for a deep and lasting relaxation of the body and mind

Professional massage table with headrest, heated blanket or futon on the floor 140 X 200 x 10, music, organic hot oils (natural, rose, sweet almond, essential oils...)

Deep massage:     30 min / 35 euros (back, neck, legs)
                               40 min / 45 euros (idem 30 min + face and head)
                               65 min / 70 euros (whole body from head to toe)
                               90 min / 90 euros, ultimate relaxation! overall massage with prolonged movements on the different parts of the body.
Swedish massage:     60 min / 70 euros
Cupping massage:     60 min / 70 euros
Thai massage:            65 min / 70 euros
                                     90 min / 90 euros
Price for a simultaneous massage (2 people): 140€ for one hour
(deep tissue massage for one person and Korean relaxation or energy massage for the other)

You can also choose a SPA & Massage package
1h30 in the relaxation area + a snack + a 30 min massage = 50 euros
1h30 in the relaxation area + a snack + a 65 min massage = 80 euros
1h30 in the relaxation area + a snack + a massage 90 min = 100 euros

SPA package only, from 1 to 10 people (by reservation):
2 hours around the pool with a snack: 20 euros per person (12€ per child)
Think of offering this a s a gift to a loved one. We have personalised gift vouchers.